XANGO South Africa news

We had an amazing time in Mauritius with all those who joined the XANGO Paradise trip! Click here https://youtu.be/FiiNdfnLKJk to feel the beach, the pool, the unforgettable boat trip, the fantastic food and the uplifting energy shared by XANGO’s rising African Leaders.

In XANGO the lifestyle is real and attainable. We plan to have another Leadership Retreat in South Africa in July 2017! Dates and location will be announced soon; however, here is what you need to do to qualify:
• Promotion Period: April – June 2017
• To Qualify:
1. Rank Up (March is the baseline)
Pre 5K to 5K, 5K to 10K DYOD, 10K DYOD to 15K, 15K to 20K, 20K to 30K, etc.

2. Grow your Volume. Your Group Volume in June must be higher than your March’s Group

Stay tuned for more details to come.


Extended by Popular Demand

You have spoken and we have heard.

The PowerUp packs are now extended through the end of June 2017. Simplicity, ease of duplication and outstanding bonus amounts are the driving principles behind these packs. Click here for more information.

The New 1K Promotion is also extended through the end of June 2017. Now, distributors who reach the 1K qualification for the first time will earn a 1000 Rand Bonus in addition to the already advantageous XANGO compensation! This promotion applies only to South African distributors who have never achieved the rank of 1K before. Bonus will be applied in the month following qualification either with the Unilevel payment or through a separate transfer.

Take advantage of these promotions and let’s take our XANGO business to new levels!

Your XANGO Team