Dear XANGO Distributors,

The growth and excitement around XANGO in South Africa has been incredible! The work among our South African distributors, coupled with the rare qualities of the mangosteen fruit, has created a spike in demand for XANGO Juice. How much exactly? Well, in just a few months, product orders have doubled!

This surge in sales, unfortunately, is causing shortages and delays in the shipments of XANGO Juice —and that’s not cool for you. For that we are extremely sorry.

We continue to work closely with our logistic partners and South African Customs to make sure our product is processed rapidly. These delays are impacting only the XANGO Juice. All other products are in stock and ready to ship—and XANGO Juice will continue to be available for purchase through your Back Office as new inventory comes in.

Please let us know should you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

Your XANGO Team