Naseema Bharat: The Unexpected Business Woman

Congratulations Naseema Bharat!

XANGO 200K South Africa

Naseema Bharat’s XANGO business is a product of the product.

“A family member gave me a flyer on the benefits of XANGO Juice,” she says, remembering that fateful day in 2011. “I ordered my first case two weeks after XANGO opened in South Africa and used it to keep my inflammation down. That was the reason I joined.

“I bought a case for myself and I shared how good it made me feel with a few family members. For the first six months, I didn’t really understand the business because no one presented it to me.”

“At first I was just buying the Juice under my name. I signed up a few people, but I was just doing it part-time. I was building this business alone.” But Naseema was doing something right, because after six months of part-time word-of-mouth business building, 600 cases of Juice were going through her business. “That’s when I decided to look at this opportunity,” she says.

“There are so many people in South Africa who are just above the bread line. They just have enough to pay the bills. I like to give people financial freedom. I’d like to give them the life that I’m enjoying now.”

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