January – The Month of New Beginnings

Dear XANGO Nation,

Happy 2017! January, as the first month of the year, is the month of resolve and change. This is the month where we look back into the past to evaluate our present and make plans for our future. Here are a few things happening this month that you do not want to miss:  

XANGO South Africa Tour

Joe Morton will be in South Africa from January 26 – 30. There is no better person to teach about XANGO than the Founder of the company who started it all. Bring your group and your guests and get ready for an unforgettable event. Event information can be found here


XANGO PowerUp Pack Extension

Our phones are ringing off the hook. South Africa wants these packs extended. We hear you! We are extending these packs until the end of February to coincide with the qualification period for the next Paradise Trip to Mauritius. Let’s continue to use these packs and keep the momentum going. South Africa is breaking all records. The products are great and the PowerUp Bonuses are significant. Click here to learn more. 

Nothing Beats Free and ADP Rewards Promotions

Nothing Beats Free and ADP Rewards promotions will end in January. All new distributors and customers signing up before January 31 will continue to benefit from the three, six and twelve month ADP Rewards product vouchers. Let’s give these two promotions one last push in January and benefit from the free products that they offer. 

XANGO Paradise Trip

It is time to hit the gym and get ready for the XANGO Paradise that awaits us in Mauritius on March 23 - 26. Congratulations to those who have already qualified for this event. Confirmation emails providing information about your stay will start to go out at the end of January. 

Qualifications for this all-expenses-paid trip end in February. This is an event that you do not want to miss. Click here for more information. 

Best of wishes!

Your XANGO Team