New 1K and 5K Promotion

Amazing things are happening in XANGO South Africa. We have the perfect promotion to fuel the next wave of growth:

From now through March 31, distributors who become 1K for the first time will earn 1000 Rand in addition to the already advantageous XANGO compensation! Distributors who reach the 5K rank for the first time during this same period will earn an additional 2500 Rand bonus.

This promotion only runs through March 31, 2017 and it’s only available to South African distributors who have never achieved the rank of 1K  or 5K before. Bonus will be applied in the month following qualification either with the Unilevel payment or through a separate transfer.

This is the time to take your business to new levels. Help your teams spread the news, grow, and get your new sign-ups cash-flow-at a super-positive and roaring velocity!

Your XANGO Team!